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Penne Ink Editorial Services

Author A.S. Penne will proofread, copyedit or substantive edit your manuscript for clarity, organization, structure and usage (mechanics) of language.

Manuscript editing rates:

For a general reading of manuscripts the charge is $3.00 page. This fee includes a written summary of feedback to the author based on an overview of the manuscript. It does not include detailed notes on things like spelling, grammar, or comments pertaining to style and/or structure, but it will help the author with decisions about how to proceed with the manuscript from this point.

For a closer read of a manuscript (including specific comments about structure and/or style, problems with spelling and/or grammar, and a more in-depth look at how the manuscript is working), the charge is $5.00 a page. This closer scrutiny of the work means that the hard copy of the manuscript will be marked up (in pencil) and returned along with separate written comments referring to specific areas of concern in the manuscript.

Authors whose work I have edited and/or critiqued are welcome to book an appointment with me to go over these notes and to discuss the manuscript in closer detail if they want. For that kind of work I charge my regular hourly rate of $85.00/hour. I am also able to work to an author's budget by negotiating a contract based on what I believe the manuscript will need in terms of my time and attention.

I try not to charge by the hour for reading manuscripts because, as a general rule, it is better for the author to make use of my expertise by hiring me to do a general read-through of the manuscript followed by a personal appointment (by phone or face-to-face at my studio) to discuss the written feedback. If the author chooses to hire me on a piecemeal basis instead, reading sections at an hourly rate rather than as an entire manuscript, the total cost will likely be more expensive.

Please feel free to direct any questions you may have to penneink@gmail.com.

ASPenne, B.Ed, MFA (Creative Writing)
Author: Old Stones (TouchWood Editions, Horsdal & Schubart, Victoria, 2002)
  Reckoning (Turnstone Press, Winnipeg, 2008).


Working with author A. S. (Anthea) Penne was a valuable and encouraging experience. Anthea had a wonderful way of celebrating the good work I had done, while at the same time skillfully teaching me how to improve my weaker areas, such as POV and structure. I left our work feeling clear and relaxed and capable of picking up my pen with confidence.

M. Westhaver, RN
Author: Seven Steps to Tashiding

Ms. Penne edited my book, “Prairie Spirit,” utilizing her skills and knowledge in a most effective manner.

Due to her editing background, Ms. Penne has the aptitude to provide grammatical corrections and writing guidance that vastly improves the meanings of the writer. As a result, the book flows in an enhanced fashion. I heartedly recommend Ms. Penne’s editing expertise for anyone planning on publishing.

K. Douglas Smith, Professor (retired)

As a family physician, I had no experience as a writer. Then I found Anthea and that’s when the magic unfolded.

Of course she cleaned up my spelling, grammar and sentence structure, and she accomplished this in a supportive manner that left me with my confidence and pride intact. But she provided so much more, helping me articulate what I was really trying to say and providing alternative approaches that allowed me to find my authentic voice.

During the creative process, there is always self–doubt and indecision. Anthea’s encouragement and compliments at those moments were so welcome and helpful; she never gave up when I felt discouraged. Anthea is creative as well, helping me clarify the all-important title that had eluded me from the beginning and assisting me with tips around finding an agent and eventually a publisher.

If you are searching for an editor and more, please choose Anthea. That’s when the magic will start.

Dr. Bobbi Lancaster, MD,
Author: Red Light Runner.

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